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Syracuse Snow Day

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

The kids actually are excited, but I had a nice big to do list and two meetings today, so I’m not as excited. I’m ready for winter to end.


She is a cutie | Syracuse child photographer

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

I’ve just barely looked at the images from this session, but this one just jumped out at me.

When I get that perfect mother/daughter shot it feels so good. This one qualifies for sure.

And I love the smiles in these two shots.

And I’ll end on this timeless image.



Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I am a huge fan of the history of photography and I absolutely love books on photography. A lot of this can be attributed to my time in college when I was studying photography under a truly spectacular teacher and mentor Neil Rappaport. And one thing I learned to do when I was in a rut was to go to the library and browse the photo books. I had a special chair that I would go to with a pile of books and just look at each page trying to think about why each image was powerful to me.

Recently I have been enjoying some of the amazing photographs I have scene online from the events surrounding the Inauguration of Barack Obama, but this collection of images that I stumbled upon done by two of George W. Bush’s White House Photographers was really amazing. Take a look and while you are looking try to notice how much the photographers used light and composition to make the images stronger.

Oh, and the first person to respond and let me know what you thought will get a copy of the new Annie Leibovitz book. I happened to receive three copies this Christmas.

(just a small few of my photography books)


Who say’s it is too cold| Syracuse children photographer

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Who says that January isn’t a good month for portraits?

Ya just got to bundle up and get a nice ride.

A classic image of a childhood in Central New York.

Hmmmm, wonder what a good caption for this image would be?

And just imagine the dog going down that slick metal slide. Very fast and funny.

And if you are wondering how the kids kept warm–mini long johns seemed to help.


We are One

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Is anyone watching the We are One: Obama Inaugural Celebration on HBO right now? It is free and there are all sorts of great performances going on. I’m watching Wil.I.Am with Sheryl Crow and Herbie Hancock at the moment.


Some sweet smiles | Syracuse baby photographer

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Okay, I am just loving these pictures from today.

First off brace yourself for some awesome smiles.

Like this.

And oh my goodness.

Tickle tickle.

And I love love love this shot. I’m not sure mom and dad knew that they were going to be in this shot as they were probably just trying to keep the kids together, but I loved how it looked and pulled back for this image.

And one more big smile.

Thanks for having me out today and I hope the kids took a nice long nap.


Star of the Week | Syracuse Children’s Photographer

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

This week my youngest daughter was star of the week at Kindergarden. She has been drinking up all of this extra attention, and today she even asked her dad to come in and sing songs to the class with his guitar. Oh, how I wished I could have seen him getting all of those kids to sing the Wings song “Band on the Run” (Sadie requested this), but I was working. Instead I did a little morning session with Sadie in her jammies.

I was trying to give this image a warmish tone to warm us all up. I think the high tomorrow is going to be 1.

And another shot of that toothless grin. Don’t forget to let me know if your kid has a toothless grin right now as I am giving out free mini sessions to capture that cute smile in honor of Sadie’s smile.

My job for tonight is camera cleaning.


New York! New York!

Monday, January 12th, 2009

We packed a lot of fun into our quick weekend trip to NYC, but not a lot of pictures were taken. For one it was freezing outside. I remember more than once thinking that something would make a nice shot (and in NYC there are lots of moments like that), but I literally couldn’t make myself take my hand out of my pockets to take the image. Also, my daughter got sick immediately upon arriving and is still recovering from her fever. Alas, I only have a few NYC shots to share.

Can’t you tell how excited I was to take photos as we are approaching NYC–I was getting all artistic.

Jason’s mom was with us on this visit. Thanks for all the babysitting Cathy!

And we did make a quick visit to the Natural History Museum right after we arrived.

Can you tell the sick bug was arriving for my oldest in the corner?

Yumm–hot dogs. This was taken with my point and shoot camera–I had given up on my big one.

I did try to go to the International Center for Photography Museum, but it was closed while it was getting ready for a new show. Bummer. So, it was a drama weekend instead. I saw my first Met Opera and it was incredible. Check out the glowing review of it HERE. I also took the kids to their first Broadway show Mary Poppins (my first Broadway show as well), and got last minute half price tickets to Chicago (didn’t take the kids to this one)!. So, while I am disappointed that I didn’t tough it out for some cool NYC snow pics, it wasn’t all a waste.


Lots of Squeaks.

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I am a little frazzled right now getting ready for a weekend trip to NYC with my family and dealing with all of the normal last minute things. If you throw in some extra crabby kids, and less than normal work time due to school closing early you might better understand my state of mind right now.

But my day did start in a calming way with a sweet little newborn session. He was a champ and his little sister was oh so cute. We focused the session on him, but I could tell I would have had fun doing a whole session with his big sister.

Just a few for now and then back to the last minute preparations

This little guy slept for much of the time I was there, but never restfully. He was always making little squeaks and grunts.

His mom was just so naturally beautiful. I love this shot.

I love these little natural interactions between siblings.

I like to think she is pondering her new older sister role in this image. 🙂

I wish you all a great weekend. If I can get the kids my kids out of their foul moods I am looking forward to enjoying the city with them.


Sleet, and Sweet

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

It was a very yucky day here with sleet and freezing rain and oh so much grey. But, after a 2 hour delay for the start of school (Yes to sleeping in!) and then getting Sadie off for Kindergarten, I was able to have a sweet newborn session.

I did another newborn session for this family back when their first baby was born about 20 months ago–in April.

And here is one I did today of the new little sister.I added a blue tone to it–perhaps I was influenced by the coldness of the day and the coolness of the light.

And a sweet one of her looking to her mom.