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Flying Baby | Syracuse Baby Photographer

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I promise to add more from this session tomorrow—right now I have to watch Aladdin with my 5 year old so my work day is about to end.



Baby C | Syracuse Baby Photographer

Thursday, February 26th, 2009



This was a special session for this little guy since his two older brothers were not around. He had dad all to himself.

Then mom—love this shot and mom should be super proud of how flexible she is here.




The only toy needed.


Oh, there are so many cute ones from this session and I’ve only just started looking at them. This family is just so much fun to photograph. They laugh easily and make my job easy. Thanks.


Last one—the sweater that dad doesn’t like, but we put it only baby C after dad left for work. Cute, eh?



Okay Winter.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Okay winter. I get you. I understand that I live in the snowiest city in the United States–and if you google it Syracuse is actually the snowiest US Metropolitan City. We have had lots of snow this year and it has been plenty cold.


But I am so tired right now if you. The worst part is that when I mentioned to someone that I was really done with winter right now they said, Oh no, it isn’t even March yet, and then you still have April. Please, winter. I’m begging you–let’s stop now.

You can be pretty.


And making snow angels is fun.


But, I’m weak this year. I haven’t gotten away from Syracuse this winter and don’t have any plans to. I’m cold, and even though I’m sure many in Syracuse are thrilled with the weather today (It is sunny and 45)–tomorrow’s forcast calls for rain and by Saturday a lovely high of 26.


I’m weak. I’m ready for sitting outside–without gear. Let’s hurry up and get over winter.


For now–more inside games.


Stay tuned later today for some adorable images from a baby session today. That should warm us all up.


Facebook funny|Syracuse Family Photographer

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Yes yes, I am still thinking about joining Facebook. I’m sure by the time I actually join there will be a new place to go to, but I came across this video called Facebook in Reality by and I think I get it even though I don’t have an account. So enjoy.


Engagement session with snow and dogs| Syracuse Photographer

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I had a fun engagement session today. Unfortunately they are getting married in Florida and somehow they forgot to ask me to come along. I still happily did their engagement photos in snowy Syracuse.

We started inside with a few traditional shots.


So sweet.


Then we added in the dogs and the snow.


The dogs did a good job of walking their owners.


Love these last three.

What sports! It was not warm out and they still got in the snow.



And one last indoor shot.


Thanks for a fun session!


An Interview with Erin of Bride Design

Monday, February 16th, 2009

For  quite awhile I have had an idea for my blog to interview and photograph local business owners. I thought it could be informative and fun, and after my first victim (I mean guest) I have concluded that it is.

I thought I would start off my interviews with various wedding vendors, but I hope to have all sorts of guests on my blog.

Do let me know what you think of my interviews.

My first interview was with Erin the owner of Bride Design. I allowed her to answer my questions over email, but then had a great time going over to her house/office to take some photos. I had so many images that I liked that her interview answers will be stuffed with images. I hope to add a few product images at some point, but for now you get to see the artist.


Thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog. When I first photographed your girls I had no idea how much you were involved in. Perhaps you could start off by telling everyone a little bit about your business. As owner and principal designer of Bride Design, I create couture wedding and event invitations, announcements, wedding programs, reception accessories, and social stationery. I’m also the pen and paper portion of Sweet Talk Boutique, an online store that offers unique edible cookie invitations, favor cookies, and more, baked by the butter and sugar half of the outfit, sugar artist Jen Comfort. Bride Design celebrates it’s 5th anniversary this year, and to kick off the festivities I am launching some new lines at various price points in late winter/early spring and I might even have a few other surprises in store before we finish out 2009.

blog44What are you up to today? I try to split my time equally between family and work. It results in odd hours at times, but it seems to work. Today I met with a local reporter and another wedding vendor to discuss how wedding vendors can collaborate to make a couple’s day special. I squeaked in a call to a corporate client about a logo. I picked up my daughters from preschool and had lunch with them. While they napped (which wasn’t long for the 4 year old) I answered emails, worked on some designs and created an estimate for a client. I played dress up with my girls, we relaxed together, and I cooked dinner. I met with a friend, spent some quality time with my husband, quick sent a job off to the printer for a client, and then went to bed. Whew!

What’s your favorite part of your job? My favorite part of my job, is creating and designing. I enjoy taking a client’s needs and vision and seeing them through to the final product. I love the “visual problem-solving” that comes with graphic design and delivering a product that effectively communicates the style and look of a celebration, as well as the concrete information needed to get guests or the audience to the event. I have a deep passion for paper, typography, writing, printing, and drawing. This job allows me daily contact with all of those mediums, helping to keep that passion alive and take it to new places. I feel fulfilled when I create designs that thrill and personify the clients I have created them for.


What do you love about photography? Everything! Photography has always been a source of artistic inspiration for me as a designer, illustrator and printmaker. I spent hours in my college library looking at the work of Imogen Cunningham, Nicholas Nixon, Jock Sturges and more. I love to experiment with photographic techniques and take pictures as well. And I also love to design and compose pieces that utilize and highlight beautiful photography. Since I became a mother, I’ve gained a sense of how fleeting some of life’s moments can be. Photography captures and celebrates those moments in a way no other art form does, and that’s something I deeply value about it.


What was your favorite part of your wedding? The actual marriage ceremony and all it means is important to me. A friend told me to take “mental snapshots” throughout it, and I’m glad I did because I love to recall the little glance my friend Oceana gave me for emphasis during her reading, or how Pete and I started laughing when he forgot his vows. Unplanned moments, often make for the best memories (and sometimes for great pictures!). So I often tell brides not to worry if things don’t go as planned. My favorite part of my reception was dancing with Pete to our wedding song “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys and to “Everybody Here Wants You” by Jeff Buckley. Some of my favorite pictures from our reception were taken during those dances. I didn’t even notice the camera, we were caught up in the moment looking into each others eyes, chatting, and laughing. Those pictures perfectly illustrate our love and friendship, which is why I can’t get enough of looking at them.


What are your favorite online resources for brides? There are tons of sites geared towards helping brides find and research vendors, but I really love the eye-candy and innovative ideas found on wedding blogs. My two favorite blogs about general wedding style are Style Me Pretty {} and  What Junebug Loves {}. I am also a part of The Stationery Guides {}, a great resource for researching and cultivating your wedding stationery trousseau.

What are some fun inexpensive ways to personalize your wedding?
I’d say most of the ways in which I personalized my own wedding were inexpensive and meaningful. We had talented jazz-musician friends perform during our cocktail hour and we named our tables after the many cities and towns we lived in throughout our lives. I had my favorite beer mug from college placed on our sweetheart table and my college roommate lifted it to give her touching toast to us. My bridesmaids wore my favorite color, red, and to further that theme, I switched out of my heels and into red satin Chinese slippers to dance the night away at my reception.

Ultimately, couples should let vendors know who they really are, and choose vendors who they believe will capture that. There was a lunar eclipse the night of my wedding and our photographer happily dragged us outside to take pictures. Pete and I are also huge music fans, and while we gave our DJ a list, he also interjected his own selections that meshed nicely with ours and never failed to reflect our style as a couple. Wedding vendors are pros, let them do what they do best. It will lighten your planning load, allow you to fully enjoy your day, and your style will definitely shine blog53through.

I see that you you use all sorts of online ways to connect—a website, blog, twitter, forums. I know there is also Facebook, and I’m sure many others. I’m considering joining Facebook and starting with Twitter—any words or advice or warnings? These are great internet tools for business marketing/PR. Social networking can help entrepreneurs to better understand and manage clients, and offer an easy way to personally connect with those we love. It can also become a huge time-suck. My recommendation is to set boundaries early on for how often you plan to use various social media sites, and set actual business goals for what you want to achieve through them. Remember you are the face of your company (and yourself!) and post thoughtfully and carefully. I always aim to be honest and real, but when it comes to business I’m careful not to post anything negative.


What is your idea of perfect happiness? Snuggling with my daughters.

Which talent would you most like to have? I wish I could play the piano.


What is the quality you most like in a man? A perfect blending of intelligence and sense of humor.

What is your most treasured possession?
My memories. I chronically lose things, and learned early on that getting attached to material things is pointless. I try to focus on the people, relationships and experiences in my life, but in a fire I’d probably run back in for the photographs and albums. Like I said before, they truly do keep treasured memories alive!

Thank you Erin for the wonderful answers! If you want to check out what Erin is up to you can find her here:

or here:

you could probably also follow her on Twitter.

And, since this interview I have signed up for Twitter, so if you know about these things follow me–still thinking about Facebook.

I’m letting Erin suggest who I interview next month.


I’ll end it with a picture of Erin’s cat on my camera suitcase


Happy Valentines Day

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Well it is a day late, but I am still going to put these up. They are just too darn cute. Every year I get some yummy suckers, heart tattoos, and I let the kids dress up for some Valentines pictures. Some years they have wanted me to make Valentines cards with the images, but this year they only wanted cards from Target.

We still had fun making the pictures.




Something Sweet | Syracuse Baby Photographer

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Just in time for Valentine’s Day—Do I have something sweet for you!  O my goodness I am in love with these pictures of this adorable one year old. I shot these yesterday and it was gloomy and grey and windy and cold. I pretty much stayed in the brightest room for the whole session.

Here we go. Love this expression.


Window light is so nice, even on a gloomy day.



I think I’ll just post this whole session! She had just started to walk and was a little uncertain on her feet.

I think holding her slipper helped her to keep her balance.


Can you tell why I like this one? I had to show off the display of some of my other photos of her family.



I would get this one really big in my house. It might confuse people for a moment and if you too are confused–

this is mom giving baby a kiss on the belly while baby gets to yank her hair–but it would always make me smile.


I like this one in black and white as well, but the soft color is what is drawing me in today.



Testing something new

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

I have been thinking about presentation recently. Currently when someone orders a print I package it in a nice black box and either deliver it by hand or send it Priority Mail.

I would like to change how I do things a little and offer all prints 8×10 and smaller matted and ready to pop in a frame. One benefit of this is that I would ensure that everyone puts their images in mats, which is the best for longevity of your print, and my mats would be archival of course. Even if you choose a low cost option for your frame, like Target or AC Moore, you could take out the mat that comes with the frame (and is usually never archival) and replace it with the mat I would give you.

My hesitation is for those clients who are not framing their prints, but rather putting them in albums, or those folks who purchase collage type frames. I don’t want to have make ordering confusing with many options–so still thinking on this.

Let me know your thoughts. Just comment below or send me an email.

And for a visual, here are some orders that I am putting together with mats.





Wedding Brag books | Syracuse Weddings

Monday, February 9th, 2009

I just got a brag book in for a client and I thought I would share it here. These little books usually have many of the same images that are on the online slideshow, but are made to go in your purse.



I also just got a great 16×24 canvas in for another client. I took this photo at the Syracuse Harley store–too much fun! I love that you can just take a canvas print and get it right up on the wall–no need to fuss over finding the perfect frame.