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Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Okay, this post is for my husband who is currently working in England.

I wanted him to see this little field trip I set up for our girls to celebrate the end of school and a visit from my mom. Sometimes I am sure that he wonders (heck I wonder) if it wasn’t for him would I do all the hiking and traveling that we do.

This wasn’t too ambitious, but our day trip started with lunch at the Cornell Dairy Bar. I had heard that the ice cream there was extra special. When I got there the ice cream looked so good I decided that ice cream would be our lunch. I tried the Yam flavored (it was good!), but went with a peanut butter chocolate choice.

Then I took the family to Taughannock Falls State Park for a hike.  The kids had fun collecting rocks and getting their feet wet.


A normal look from my 9 year old on hikes.


The falls!


and due to these lovely expressions from my children I thought the post-procession needing a bit of something.


After our hike it started raining so I took them to a great used clothing store in Ithaca called Mama Goose. I let the girls each pick out an outfit that they changed into. We then went to the Commons (Ithaca’s pedestrian mall) to do some browsing at a used bookstore. We also picked up a few cheap hats.

The girls enjoyed modeling for me.


Finally we made it to the Moosewood Restaurant for dinner. It was a day trip worth repeating.


Recents| Syracuse Family Photographer.

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Here are a few shots from a recent fun session.

The next Tiger?


Joy with Dad.


Amazing eyes.





A Fav. Maternity| Fayetteville, NY Maternity Photographer

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

This was another session that started with a threat of rain and it stayed pretty dark and very windy for the whole session. I totally loved the grounds around their house and I can’t wait to go back when they have a little baby.

I knew as soon as I pulled up that I wanted to use this tree and it’s great branches in an image.


I love this one in color and black and white.



Yes!! a big field–love this one.


The pattern on this dress and the white picket fence were perfect together.


I’ve been taking dog portraits at sessions when ever I can–this one had a good smile.


I absolutely love the images from this session and some of them have to be my favorite maternity images ever.



Ton of Favorites| Syracuse Family Photographer

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

I had a great time photographing this family again and it has been really hard to pick a few images to put on the blog, so I’m going a bit overboard.


love those smiles



You know if you are closing your eyes no one can see your right?


Sword battle in the woods!


Peek a boo!





I totally love this one.



A Birthday Greeting Story

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

So, we are one of those families— The ones who wait until the last minute to buy gifts if we even bother to get them at all.  The ones who write out thank you cards, but then the cards get lost before we send them because we stick them in a “special” pile that no one knows about. We even wait until the last minute to put together a birthday greeting for the grandma (mother-in-law) that drove all the way to our house from St. Louis to watch our kids while we were in Greece for 10 days.

Yup–feeling a bit guilty.

Soooo–since my mother-in-law never seems to get mad at us for this area that we are lacking in and she loves seeing pictures of her grandkids and kids we decided to do a little video for her. Last year (same thing happened) and the kids made a really funny happy birthday video that we posted on YouTube that only a Grandma could love. We were looking to repeat it–to upstage it.

However….after pulling out all of the dress up needed for the show (which we didn’t get to until late) a fight ensued between our girls about who was going to hold the cheerleader pom-poms. I’m still not sure whey they were needed. Anyway,  there was much fighting and eventually we ran out of time for the song performance. Plus, all of the sulking wouldn’t have made for a very fun video.

I didn’t want Grandma to be completely empty handed so the girls took the sign that they made outside for a picture.

I think you could tell the mood from this one even if I had decided not to give it a blue tint.


And can you feel a little anger here?


And this was after me resorting to “Can you please smile nice for Grandma”. I probably was looking a little frustrated at this point hence the lovely fake smile from my oldest.


So, these images are what I have from our night of trying to put together a last minute lasting birthday greeting for you Cathy. I’m sure making a card a week ago would have been much easier, but that just isn’t us.

We hope you have a great birthday. We love you.



*And I hope these images show that even a professional photographer has trouble taking pictures of her own kids!


Sisters|Syracuse Family Photographer

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

These girls reminded me a lot of my own–except I’m pretty sure my oldest would not let her little sister get on her bed. I had so much trouble trying to narrow down what images to show.

I’m sure I will have to hire a photographer to get these types of images of my own girls.


I will be so sad if I never get an image like this of my children.






The girls were both so beautiful–they were very easy to photograph.


They were even good sports when I suggested cutting up the watermelon that I spotted on the kitchen table.


And, I’ve been having lots of dogs sneak into my pictures recently…this one was especially cute.



Cortland Engagement| Syracuse Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

We started this engagement session in Syracuse so that we could get some images of C and T’s newest baby.


Isn’t he photogenic?


We also stopped by the local bar for a fun shot.


Then we headed off to Cortland where both C and A went to school, lived in throwing distance from each other, and yet never knew each other.

We started with some nice classic images.


Some pretty shots.



Here I got a little bit artsy. 🙂


And then T suggested that we take pictures at the Cortland football stadium where he actually played football. I thought it was a great idea–but I wasn’t quite prepared for the fence jumping involved to get in. Luckily Tony is a personal trainer and could pretty easily throw C and I over the fence. Does she look a little nervous here?


I love the shots we got there.


Come on! Love it!


Do you think she is impressed? And, I did make him do this…thanks for being a good sport.


T and C thanks so much for showing me around Cortland. I had a blast during your session.


Me in Greece.

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

I wish I could show off some really creative self-portraits from Greece, but honestly I was too busy, eating, drinking, reading, and relaxing. So, these are the old hold your camera in front of you variety. And, as you will see I am much more inclined to shoot the silly shots than any serious or romantic ones.

I’m not too sure you can tell I am in Greece from these, but I really will put up some actual Greece photographs soon–just have a few more session looks to share first.

So–here is me in Greece (and Jason).



Tweens| Fayetteville, NY photographer

Monday, June 15th, 2009

I have had a run of newborn sessions recently so it was nice to have a session with some older kids. I called them tweens, but one of them is actually a real Teen–so sorry.


And they had a ton of personality–so much fun for me.


See what I mean?


And, I was honestly surprised by how well they got along with each other for the whole hour we were together.


This is certainly a more teen than tween image.


Love Green Lakes as my backdrop.


And, this happened at the very end of the session. It was actually just starting to rain and the kids decided that they really wanted their mom in a few images (sweet right?) and so mom reluctantly agreed to a few fun shots and then somehow they ended up in the sand. I didn’t really know what happened, but now that I look at this image I think I can tell that the kids were up to no good.


Thanks so much for having me photograph your children–they were perfect.


Cretan Food

Friday, June 12th, 2009

This is what I am missing most from Crete right now.