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Baby D.| Syracuse newborn photographer

Friday, July 31st, 2009

I almost missed this shot–and it isn’t perfect, but I’m still glad I got it. I had really just arrived and baby D’s big brother came over for an unprompted touch of his new baby brother.

How sweet.


Baby D was wide awake when I arrived and very alert. Look at that eye contact.


I made sure we spent a good portion of our session outside in their beautifully landscaped yard.

What do think he is thinking here?


Love this one and the muted colors during this overcast moment–especially how nicely dad’s shirt matches the flowers in the background. If it wasn’t for the matching colors I probably would have converted this one to black and white.


Like father like son—who do you think has more hair?


Shhhh…….baby is sleeping.


I had to age this photo a bit to get the right mood, although it is cute in color as well. This was another fast moment that almost slipped by me.


Thanks for letting me come out and photograph your new son. Congratulations.



Abbey and Chris are Engaged!| Syracuse Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

I just got a sweet email message from Abbey thanking me for their engagement session–and guess what– I decided to get their little look ready.

I am already looking forward to Abbey and Chris’s wedding. They have a really relaxed nature and I can tell it is going to be really fun wedding. Chris was even heading out to help his sister take care of her new baby (his nephew) right after our session which proves to me he is a good guy.

They let me decide where to do their engagement session and I found the perfect spot. I hesitate even to tell because I’m sure it will get filled with photographers, but it is a fun place to visit with your kids or your fiance. So go!

The park had all sorts of cool sculptures and such, but I was still drawn mostly to the nature surrounding us.

This tree made a really cool looking perch.


They were so cute together.


I especially liked this little series of them totally not being serious.


Chris was really tall.


I had so much fun with the light at this session and muted colors of the grasses. This shot looks pretty cool in black and white as well.


Abbey is just so pretty–had to feature just her.




Sometimes I really love sun flare.


And this sky was so unreal. The night of our session there were crazy storms hitting all around, but luckily not at our spot. I did love the dramatic sky we got.


Abbey and Chris thanks so much for being so accommodating during our session–laying in the grass and putting up with the bugs that followed us around.


Two from Sat. | Syracuse Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I’ve been working all day editing sessions and only just got around to dowloading my images from Sat. fabulous wedding. I pulled two off really quick to have a play with them. No faces yet. Stay tuned for the slideshow soon.



Growing up| Fayetteville, NY photographer

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I spent a few minutes recently trying to get some images of my 9 year old. She has been very hard to photograph recently–self-conscious, ornery, and definitely not one to follow directions. Now, I normally don’t need kids to follow directions because I just let them play and capture those moments, but my kids soometimes seem to have me figured out. That, or I just don’t have the same patience with my own kids.

If you saw my last post you know that I have been photographing a lot of babies recently and it has made me miss my babies. I mean take a look at this old 9-year-old.



Luckily, I captured a few of her that still make her look like the kid she is.



And the two of them–childhood pic.


So, all of you with older kids I’m sure know this already, but I’m not sure I always realized how while you applaud while your children reach each new stage, you also mourn the stage that they just left.


Baby Oh Baby! |Syracuse Baby Photographer

Monday, July 27th, 2009

I have had a run of baby sessions and more on the way. Actually, I have had a run of all types of sessions. July has just flown by while I’ve photographed engagements, pregnancies, newborns, babies, and toddlers running about. I even had a chance to take a few images of my own kids which I will share soon.

This little guy was soooooooooo adorable. His mom is friends with one of my other clients and I got to photograph them while they were out for a quick visit.


These next two image are my favorites.



Most of the time when we set him on the ground he just wanted to eat grass, but I caught a few moments where he wasn’t eating.


Thanks again for coming out and letting me photography your cutie.


Next up was an adorable little girl. It was a dreary day outside, but we still managed to get lots of cute images.

This was her adorable look when I first took out my camera.


Look at those eyes.


And I got a little artsy with this one. It was pretty dark inside with the rain, but there was this little patch of light that I wanted to use, so I had dad play with his daughter in this spot for a moment. The LOVE sign is just bonus.


And here she is just looking so cute.


It sort of stopped raining and we were able to go outside for a bit–my baby focused family portrait.



We even let her lounge in her new swimsuit.



Red Sox Baby and siblings| Syracuse Newborn Photographer

Friday, July 24th, 2009

I knew this session might be a bit of a challenge due to the age of the kids–a newborn, toddler, and teenager! I also found out that the newborn didn’t like to sleep, the toddler was a bit wary of me and the teenager also was a bit unsure.

I worked hard, and I just love some of these shots.

Firstly, this is how the toddler greeted me. I know I can look a bit scary at times, but I promise I was smiling. Nevertheless I just love this photograph and the intensity of this image.


This image just speaks to me about that uncomfortableness that you feel as a teenager–especially with a parent nearby. He was a good sport anyway.


And I do love this sibling shot.


And–while waiting for the baby to get to sleep with did a few outdoor pictures with dogs! I love the pull in this image of each dog looking outside of the frame.


And here is the adorable awake baby.


I love this one with his little look in daddy’s arms and seeing as how big of a Red Sox fan the dad is I think his shirt works in this image.


And finally, the shot I was trying to get him asleep for!



Justine and Almin Got Married|Fayetteville NY Wedding Photographer

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Justine and Almin had a lovely wedding at the Wellington House in Fayetteville, NY. And much of this had to do with all the thought and care they put into personalizing their wedding. I am going to share a few of the things Justine did to make this wedding special for them. This is from an email that Justine wrote to me. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this, but I’m sure it will help lots of couples who are still planning their wedding to think of what they can do to make their wedding special for them.

– Almin’s step-dad will be playing the violin while I’m walking down the isle
– A friend of Almin’s family is marrying us.
– During the ceremony we will be doing a moment of silence for the victims of the
Srebrenica Genocide that happened during the Bosnian War.  The “anniversary” is the same weekend of our wedding, so we would like to take a moment to remember those who lost their lives and homes during this ethnic cleansing campaign.
– Our favor is a jar of New Mexico Green Chile from one of the first restaurants (and one of my favs) I took Almin to when he visited Albuquerque for the first time.
– We’re serving red wine from a winery in New Mexico where my friend is the vitner (Tierra Encantada) and white wine from one of our favorite weekend excursion locations (Anyela’s Winery in Skaneateles).
– We’re handing out domestic violence white ribbons (Almin’s mom works at Vera House) and asking everyone to wear them for the evening.
– Our flower girl recently drew and mailed “wedding day portraits” of “Mr. Almin” and “Ms. Justine”  (she’s 5) so I think we’re going to frame them and have them out somewhere.  She’s the cutest thing EVER! 🙂
– Since the honeymoon is a surprise, we’re making a fun game for guests where everyone guesses on a piece of paper where he’s taking me.  Whoever (hopefully someone) wins when he announces it is going to get a beach survival pack I’m making up.
I had Stephanie Antshel my awesome partner for weddings put together these two detail collages from some of her images that day.



I have had so much fun working with Justine and Almin over the last year. Justine was actually a bridesmaid of one of my other favorite wedding couples Kristie and Parry.

The wedding day was so dark and stormy. I am usually pretty optimistic on the wedding day weather wise, but I thought that there was no way that this wedding was going to be held outside. When we got to Wellington House they had already set things up for an indoor wedding, but somehow the rain stopped and they were able to move everything outside. It was so lovely.

You will notice in the slideshow that Justine and Almin decided to see each other before the wedding which is becoming more popular.

Enjoy! Ug! Can’t get the slideshow to post into the blog today. Just click above on “slideshow” to see it.



Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

I’m heading out of town tomorrow and didn’t get Justine and Almin’s slideshow done due to some music issues with my program. I’ll have it posted by Monday, but here is another image to tide you over until then.



Won’t be long…

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Until I post the fabulous photos from Justine and Almin’s wedding.




Lizard!| Fayetteville, NY Family Photographer

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I loved this lizard and these girls so much I now want a lizard for my girls.

I love the eye roll as well–and yes the lizard did change colors!







This session had to be rescheduled twice due to all of the rain we have had this summer. I told her if it rained again we were going to do the session in rain boots and umbrellas. I’m sure this family would have been great to work with either way.