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Hey there cutie! | Dewitt, Ny baby photographer

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Isn’t she sweet in her adorable polka dot dress? I think so.


I made this picture right at the beginning of our session. The baby was crying when I arrived and her mom was trying to settle her down. I normally avoid images with the pacifier, but this one just reminds me so much of what babyhood was like with my little girls. I love it.


Here it is–my favorite shot of the session. Love it so much.


This is a pretty sweet moment as well.


Love this family shot.


and this one..she was so ready for her nap, but she managed to get some good cooing in here.


Thanks for having me out to photograph your darling little girl.


Jaws! | Syracuse, NY family photographer

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

This little guy has the nickname of Jaws. Can you tell why?


It was a thrill to photograph this family again. I first photgraphed this little guy when he was about 6months old and I have loved photographing all of his different stages.

This is my favorite portrait of him from our session. I just love it.


But of course I love this playful shot as well. I’ve been photographing lots of swinging kids lately–which is actually quite hard and depends a bit on luck, but when you nail it–you really get a great image like this one.


We had a great time wandering around Onondaga Lake Park and I got tons of family shots that I love.


I love the sun flare that I got in this image–and of course the cute family.


Thanks again for letting me capure these moments for you. I love my job.


Last Tuesday| Syracuse Family Photographer

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I am still catching up with blog posts. This lovely family was from last Tuesday. It was a rainy day similar to this Tuesday, but we still went for it when there was a break in the rain and I’m glad we did.

The parents worked hard to get the double smile here. I wonder if their arms are sore after all the lifting.


With two year olds you have to find props that keep them in one place.


This little one started crying when I first got there, but luckily she warmed up to me to show me some of her favorite things.




She was so curious about me. Cute.


Thanks so much for having me out today. I can’t wait to show you the full gallery.



Last Monday| Syracuse, NY family photographer

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I’m a bit behind on blog posts, but I’m trying to catch up! These are the adorable girls I got to hang with last Monday. Love all these shots.




IMG_3226This image of the two girls might just be my favorite one from the session.





Thanks for having me out! Your girls were so much fun to photograph.


Robin & Doug Got Married| Jamesville, NY wedding photographers

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Stephanie Antshel and I photographed Robin and Doug’s wedding last weekend. They had their ceremony and reception at the LaFayette Hills Golf and Country Club in Jamesville, NY.


I love this family shot. Doug’s son was included in their ceremony where he even promised to pick up after himself. I wonder if he is still keeping up with his end of the deal.

Doug was looking pretty daper don’t you think?


And Robin was looking gorgeous.


You will notice in the slideshow that Robin wore two different dresses. They were both great.


So–first off enjoy this slideshow from Robin and Doug’s wedding–click HERE to view it.

Now, I also got to set up a super fun photobooth during the reception.

IMG_3485 This wasn’t a classic photobooth where you get behind a curtain, but rather a mini studio that Stephanie or myself took photos at. There were some props available and I must admit the crowd didn’t need much encouragement to be quite silly. This is a selection of the images from the booth–and before you click be warned that you might regret what you see. 🙂 PHOTOBOOTH.


Coming Soon.

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Okay, I have some lovely and hilarious photos to share from Robin and Doug’s wedding. Robin and Doug have been great to work with over the last year and there wedding was no exception. They let me set up a photo booth during the reception and the photos that came out of it are so funny and so much better than your standard table shot.

The photos must be so funny that my computer has decided to work at a crawl pace. I was hoping to get a slideshow from the wedding and the photobooth up this morning, but realistically it won’t be until late tonight or tomorrow night at the latest.

Until then….



1 year old| Syracuse baby photographer

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

She started with a small smile


and quickly went to a full blown big smile.


Then she got a little tired out…


and back to playing with mom.


This little lady was constant movement. Constant. She did not really want anyone to pick her up, she was just too busy. This age can be difficult to photograph, but the rewards are great when you get the shot. I love all the different moods I got in the short time I was with her.


Please. | Fayetteville, NY family photographer

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

If you own a really cool old car do surprise me and bring it to your session. YEAH!!!


And having and adorable kid doesn’t hurt either.


I love mornings like this. A lovely family to photograph, close to home, lots of love and a good setting.


This little girl was probably the fastest one year old that I have photographed. I think this shot really captures who she is right now.


Love this giggle shot.


Thanks so much for the fun session, adorable daughter,  and of course the yellow car.


NYC Baby…

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

This little guy will have the great playground of NYC when he gets a little older. I think he is pretty happy about it.


And what a loved little man. His mom was just so smitten with him, always chatting with him and gazing at his cuteness. So lovely.


We did head outside for a few shots just to show what was outside his door even though he is not really old enough to enjoy it yet.


Thank you so much for having me out. Can’t wait to see this little guy walking along this pathway.



Last days of summer| Syracuse, NY family photographer

Friday, September 18th, 2009

I am thankful for these days that start off chilly, but warm up enough to allow some summer fun. These girls have obviously been having a lovely summer and they showed me some of their favorite activities.

So fun.


I normally cut out toys and such in the background, but for this one I wanted to show off the toys of summer to the side in the yard. So joyful.


What a cool mom who let her girls run into the sprinkler in their clothes.


Thanks for having me out again to photograph your adorable little girls.