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Hands very full | Fayetteville, NY newborn photographer

Friday, January 29th, 2010

I knew I was in for a challenge when I headed out to photograph a 2 year old and her twin 6 week old siblings. And, it was challenging in all the normal ways that sessions with 2 year olds are challenging, or 6 week olds are challenging.

But………..what charmers they all were.

And, wow–look at those big eyes. Such a beautiful girl.

She was very into her little sisters and they seemed to already be aware of her presence.

Twins. I don’t know how all you twin moms do it. I stayed at this session a little extra just to be an extra set of hands. I love this detail shot.

I almost gave up on getting any sleeping pictures of this baby. I actually offered to get her dressed into her jammies before I left, just to be an extra set  of hands..  I enjoyed every minute of dressing this little doll (even though she screamed), and then while I was giving her a little pat on the back she feel asleep. So, I grabbed my gear out again and got a few sleeping images of her.

This image was much harder to photograph than you might think.  While looking around the house I noticed that this family had quite a bit of John Deere stuff so I thought it would be fun to include some of it in an image. Little did I know that I grabbed the one blanket that the 2 year old would not share. As you might image it is not always wise to reason with a two year old right before her nap. I quick grabbed a few shots and then let her have it back.

Thank you for inviting me out to photograph your family. They are just lovely, and you are doing an amazing job.


NYC with the family| Fayetteville, NY family photographer

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

When we moved from North Carolina to Syracuse, NY we swore that we would take advantage of weekend trips to NYC, Boston, and DC, and I am proud to say that I think we are doing a pretty good job. We have taken the kids to NYC three times, Boston twice, and DC once.

I must admit the longer I live here (it has been 3.5 years now) the further away these cities seem to me. I guess when we lived in North Carolina and I had to drive close to an hour to get to a Target, the drive to NYC from Syracuse seemed so easy. Now, living in Fayetteville, NY it seems that I hardly have to travel more than 15 minutes to get anywhere I need to go–so that trip to NYC is getting a bit longer.

Our last trip to NYC was just for one night, as usual, but we packed a lot in. It all started with tickets to the Metropolitan Opera to see Carmen. I knew it would be considered quite foolish to drag our two kids to the opera (ages 6 &9), but I liked the idea of trying. If I’m really honest I liked saying that we were taking our kids to the Opera–that just sounds so cultured. I did get a little nervous when I read a few reviews of the current production of Carmen that called it “dark” and a “dangerous mingling of sex, rebellion and violence.” But, our seats were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy up there, and honestly I was much more comfortable showing them an Opera full of sex and violence, than some of the previews that pop up at the movie theatres before PG movies.

Here we are doing our best to dress up. You can see I’m not very dressed up, but the fact that my husband has a tie on is a huge thing–he never wears a tie, not for a wedding (including our own) or for work.

Since we knew the kids were not going to be too excited about seeing an Opera we did let them take some of their Christmas money to FAO Schwarz.

I think Echo was taking a video of herself on the Big Piano here.

But, mostly when we go to NYC we just wander around and people watch.

In Times Square.

Outside of the Natural History Museum.

Here Echo is taking a rest in the Natural History Museum Gem section. I think that part of the museum makes such a nice resting spot.

And, I always insist and walking through Central Park as much as we can. This time we even say Sting taking his dog for a walk. I even had my camera around my neck, and his dog even sniffed Echo, and I didn’t say a word–just let him go along on his walk–also I sort of froze up–sorry.

I find that by just going to NYC for one night –and I drive–it is affordable. We usually only plan one thing (if any) and the rest of the time we just soak in all that the city has to offer.

*And–just a reminder. All 2009 gallieries that were re-posted will expire on Jan. 31st. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Mother & Son| Dewitt, NY family photographer

Monday, January 25th, 2010

I got to spend a little time with an amazing mom and her son last week. I love this shot.

R lost his dad to cancer a few years ago. He had many photographs of his dad in his room, but he told me that this one was his favorite.

Of course, I dragged everyone outside for a few images. I didn’t really have to drag–and it only took  a few minutes for R to get completely covered in snow.

This might not be mom’s favorite image, but I try to capture a spectrum of expressions during each session and I loved the intensity in this one.

Love this action shot of their dog playing with her “boyfriend”, or was it his “girlfriend”–can’t remember.

And the family portrait with pet–love it.

I got to photograph this session thanks to a gift certificate purchased for this mom by her friends. What a great bunch of friends–they all came over at the end of the session and forced mom into a great black dress.

Thanks to you all!


LOVE| Liverpool, NY family photographer

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

When I arrived at this session the little one was still taking her nap. This was her first look at me–I knew it was going to be a good session.

Mommy cuddles.

Family fun.

There are all sorts of word art around this house. I like including the words when I can–like the love in the above photo.

At the end of our session we let her take some of her first steps in the snow. Being a Central New York kid she will surely take many more snow walks.

She also tried out a tu-tu for the first time–so cute.

Thanks for having me out again to photograph your cutie.


Albums|Syracuse Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I have been designing a lot of albums recently–guest books, wedding albums, family albums–so I thought it would be helpful to show off my two most popular styles of albums right now.

First up is the coffee table style album. This album is probably my most ordered and the less expensive of the two albums offered.It is a beautiful press printed album.

This shows the cover of the album–it has a slip jacket cover and the same image can be printed on the cover of the album or the cover can be a plain black with your name on it.

The pages are thin just like a coffee table album.

Here is an image of an inside spread. This album (unlike my guest books) does not lie flat.

The album comes in a slip out box which can be black, red, or printed with an image from your wedding.

Now, here is an example of a flush mount album. These albums have quite a few options for covers. The basic cover is a black leather, but at an additional cost you can get almost anything. Some of the covers have a small image on the front as well.

These albums lay flat. The coffee table books are press printed books while these albums are actual photographs which are then attached to thick pages.

This image gives you an idea of the thickness of the page.

Another example of an inside layout.

Both albums are lovely and really it is a matter of personal preference which one you choose to get. I am always trying out new things, so eventually I may find another album that I love and will share it with you. Right now I am working on testing out a few additional family album options for my family sessions as well as for parent albums.

As always, if you have any questions about the different albums send me an email or give me a call.


I can’t resist| Fayetteville, NY child photographer

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

There is one thing I just can’t resist–okay there are many things I can’t resist, but one of those things is toothless kids. I just cannot resist photographing kids that are missing their top two teeth.  Don’t get me wrong, I also love the stage with the grown-up teeth that are just a tad too big for the kid’s mouth, that stage is cute too, but today…

I can’t resist this smile


Cute Baby and Dog| Marcellus, NY Baby Photographer

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I promise to share more of this cutie. Since my morning was ruined by Adobe products not doing their job, I only have time to share a few now.Ugg.

I love babies and dogs.

And well, I just love babies–how can you not?

More later I promise.


2009 Final Order Time| Genevieve Fridley Photography

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I mentioned earlier that I am cleaning up my computer and moving files off of my hard drives. This means that I would really appreciate it if anyone who is still wishing to make orders from their 2009 sessions make them by the end of the month. I have reactivated all 2009 galleries that are on my updated ordering site and they will stay up until January 31st, 2010.

This might be a good time to consider getting a large print–something bigger than 8×10.

If you can’t find your password anymore or have any questions about ordering just send me an email and I’ll send along your information.

And, like many of you, I have been moved to help with the crisis in Haiti right now and decided to take 15% of all orders placed before the end of January and donate them to UNICEF’s efforts to help in Haiti.


The Baby Special is On| Syracuse, NY Baby Photographer

Monday, January 11th, 2010

I sure do love babies, and winter is a perfect time to photograph them. So, if you have a baby, or know someone with a baby (lucky you) now is the time to book a special session for just that baby. It could be your 4th or your 1st, the only requirement is that the session takes place in January or February and that the focus of the session is on someone younger than 12 months old. This is my third annual Winter Baby Special. Book a session for your little one and the session fee is 50% off.

Can’t wait to photograph some cuties like these.

Call or email to set up your session. Cheers!


Some things I love about weddings| Syracuse, NY wedding photographer

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I am still working on organizing my office, but I’m trying to multi-task so I am also designing Guest Books (yes finally) for my 2010 couples, and thinking of images to update my website with.

I’ll share a few wedding images that remind me of why I love photographing weddings, but also what cool couples I worked with last year.

I L.O.V.E.

Dancing Grandparents. This Grandpa happened to be 100.

Toasts that make you laugh so hard you cry.

Guests who know how to let loose on the dance floor.

Brides with their Dad.

Mom’s first look after you put on your dress.


I’ll share some more tomorrow, but for now back to Guest Books. Cheers Everyone!