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Saturday morning| Fayetteville, NY family photographer

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

There is nothing better than a lazy Saturday morning hanging out with your family–except maybe a lazy Monday or Tuesday…

The goal of this session was to capture some of the feelings of those Saturday mornings.

First, all the kids piled on the bed and the oldest made sure she was front and center.

Story time.

Just the normal baby hold with an adorable baby.

Hiding in the couch cushions. Boo!

I couldn’t resist this little grown up look.

And thanks little man for being so discreet here that I could include this image on the blog. 🙂

Shark attack!

Love this shot of the family dog.

A little more rough and tumble.

And, I’ll end with this one. I think it is pretty perfect.

Thanks for showing me a bit of your Saturday.


New brothers| Jamesville, NY newborn photographer

Monday, March 29th, 2010

When I do newborn sessions that involve siblings I like to get a little of that wonder, and natural curiosity that the older sibling has.

I think these image capture that well.

This little guy keep running up–giving a quick hug and running back.

The baby was a doll and pretty much slept the whole time I was there. His preferred method was this–arms up to head with clenched fists.

I see a lot of red in that hair–what about you?

Such lovely lips this little baby had–I thought they deserved a detail shot.

Sometimes he decided that he didn’t want me in his face taking pictures.

Love this simple shot of baby and father.

Yup, pretty beautiful guy.

I knew I was going to love this one as I pressed the shutter, and I do love it.

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your newest baby.


Beautiful boisterous Boys | Syracuse, NY family photographer

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

What fun this house of boys was. I loved how much the kids were into each other. Actually, we all wanted some time with the baby who was just so adorable.

Yes, we all wanted time with the baby. This is probably one of my favorite shots from the session even thought it happened right at the beginning before everyone was ready.

Yup, this baby was just so much fun to be around because he was always smiling.

And what a smile it was. Love this.

These two were pretty cute as well. Don’t they look like they are just about to burst–staying still for this picture?

Sometimes I really gotta wonder what I say to these kids to get the expressions that I get.

And, thank you for pulling out the dress up! I just love it when kids start to play make believe and these kids were pretty good at it. In this picture the kid had turned one of his hats into a phone.

Thanks for having me out to photograph your beautiful family.


Grey Days| Syracuse, NY family photographer

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Wow, this cold, rainy, grey weather has got to stop! I had some favorite clients this week and I was a bit bummed that the days were not nicer. I have however in my over three years of living in Syracuse gotten used to photographing on grey days.

I think the weather had this little man feeling a little blue.

It was comical how hard we all tried to weasel a smile or two out of him.

Mom, tried–nothing.


A little tickle under the chin worked for the big sister, but not for him! I must admit I just love this photo anyway. So Funny!

Big sister was a whirlwind of movement always making me wish for a higher shutter speed, but I do like the movement in this image.

Wait–what’s that?! And, did it have to be the plastic push toy that brought out the smile! Pretty cute, though…

Watch out for that tickle hand that is about to attack! (note the non-smile on little brother) sigh…Yes I did force them out in the rain for a minute.

Ahhh, a nice big laugh from big sister.

Thanks again for having me out. I may not have gotten a ton of smiles, but I’m saving at least one good one for your gallery.

And, I have to show off this new album sample I just got in. I really think my style of photography lends itself to albums and I’m thrilled with this one.

Check out the cool box that the album comes in. *Oh, and I used the images from this same family’s  last session to create this album. I did notice that the little guy was often serious in those pics as well.

This is an 8×8 album.

I will have lots more info about albums once I update my website. I’ve been working on a new wedding website–and the family site is ready for lots of new cute faces as well.


Remember Owen? | Fayetteville, NY family photographer

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Remember Owen? Look at this really adorable slide show to refresh your memory. slideshow—->> OWEN GROWS

Back when I first relocated my business here to Syracuse, New York I started photographing a family that was expecting their third child. I did a maternity session and then did three more sessions during Owen’s  (the new baby) first year of life. I even made it a part of my website so that people could see how rewarding it can be to document that first year of life in a natural and real way. These sessions were so real that sometimes I even left the laundry baskets in the background of the images–they just seemed so much a part of a family that has three kids.

Well, since doing these sessions I have gotten to know this family and if you know them as well you know that they are just wonderful people and so much fun to be around. They also must be a little crazy ( I mean this in the best way) because come May they are going to welcome another child to their family.

This weekend I got a chance to document this fourth pregnancy and ponder how has it can actually be possible that little Owen is now three years old and ready to become the big brother.

The oldest.

The middle child.

Soon to be baby sister of the crew.

Love this.

This pregnancy hasn’t been easy for Carrie, but if you ask me she looks radiant.

What fun the new baby will have with this crew.

Such a lucky baby to join this family…

there will surely be lots of laughs.

Thanks for having me out again. I can’t wait to meet your newest little girl.


Do your teeth…| Saratoga Springs, NY family photographer

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Do your teeth ever bother you so much that you feel like chewing on your leg to make them feel better?

I was a bit worried about this session. Mostly I was worried because I traveled to Saratoga Springs for the first time and the timing of the session came at one of the darkest, dreariest part of the day.  Then I arrived at the little guy’s house and my main subject was bothered by his teeth and not his normal silly self.

Of course, I did get some smiles–I just had to work hard for them.

And he did look silly while chewing on things.

Mom was able to get a few smiles as well.

Gosh, I don’t think I’ve posted one serious picture yet. Here you go…

Can you believe I got so many smiles?

At the end we braved the cold weather for a few moments outside. They live right on the main drag in Saratoga and it killed me that I didn’t get to explore more with them downtown because there were a lot of cool backdrops for photos. Perhaps next time…

The coolest thing that happened was at the end when the little guy decided to try to walk for the first time. Apparently this was the first time he walked holding their hands.

I think he was pretty proud of himself.

Thanks guys!


Poster Pics| Fayetteville, NY family photographer

Monday, March 15th, 2010

This little guy was just waking up when I arrived for his session. That must be his “who are you and why are you in my room” look.

He didn’t take too long to warm up and this is what I mean by a poster shot. Couldn’t you just image this hanging up really large somewhere. I can guarantee it will make it to my updated website (when I get to that) and perhaps it will make it to some business cards. LOVE IT!

And, this one is just so adorable. I love how his blue eyes are highlighted by mom’s sweater and blue jeans.

Another poster shot–look at that expression.


At the end we spent a little bit of time outside. It wasn’t quite spring-like, but the snow was mostly melted. I can’t wait for more outdoor sessions!

Thanks for having me out. I hope you little man had a great birthday celebration.


Some nice little albums| Syracuse, NY photographer

Friday, March 12th, 2010

I have a few album offerings that I have blogged about before. I’ve blogged about them here, here, and here.

I’m am trying out a few other options.

These two I especially think work well for maternity, newborn, or family sessions.

This fabric album fits 5×7 images and has really lovely fabric coverings.

Here is an inside spread.

The pages are thick, but not really thick if that makes sense.

And this is a simple black album that holds 5×7 images.

This album just showcases one image per spread.

The pages are also a bit thinner than the other album.

They both come with a nice case.

I’ll be showcasing some other album options soon.


Side tracked| Syracuse, NY family photographer

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

So, along with working on recent sessions, I have also been in full on torture mode getting ready to file my taxes. Basically, the problem is that I do a pretty bad job keeping up with my receipts. I have a big box that I throw all of my bills into and that box was really full. I also had to pound through my email orders and all of this has kept me strapped to my computer every night. This is one of the parts of being a business owner that isn’t as fun, at least for me.

Anyway, while being strapped to my computer I started to wonder what I was doing last March–so I got side tracked a little.

I remember that we decided to try once again to be fish owners.

Our kitty really liked them.

But, alas they are not with us this March.

I also remember the March thaw of last year and how much fun my kids had playing in the watery mess.

And, oh my gosh they have changed so much. As your kids get older I think we forget how much they can change in one year until you look back and actually see it.

Here is Echo last year in March.

And my crazy little Sadie.

Sadie again…I didn’t take too many pics of my kids in March last year.

And just to prove my point, here are a few recent images of my girls.

Echo looking oh so NYC in NYC.

And Sadie enjoying a yummy milkshake.

And just a random NYC image that I like (see how I can get distracted from my taxes).

OH, and here is another one I love.

And before getting back to “work” here are a few cuties that I photographed last March.

Just a few.

Hope you enjoyed my little distraction from my taxes.

I’ll be up next with some adorable babies from current sessions.


boy or girl?| Syracuse, NY maternity photographer

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I loved this maternity session. The sun was shining, the couple was relaxed, and there was excitement in the air. And, can I just say–I am so excited for Spring to get here. Officially it arrives in less than two weeks and I am so ready for longer days and warmer nights. Anyway, on to the images–lots of them.

They have painted their nursery blue, but they still don’t know the sex of the baby. What do you think she is having? I think this color will look great either way–so happy, but also relaxing.

Their baby is going to be cute, I’m sure.

She barely looks pregnant. When I was pregnant my whole face got pregnant, but K is just all baby belly.

Sweet—-love this.

I’m jealous, K made my job easy.

Here she looks very classic I think.

And at the end they let out their dog. They told me he could be jumpy and get in the way, but look at him. He didn’t jump on me once. Good boy.

Pregnant shadow fun.

Love that view.

Enjoy the next few weeks before the baby arrives. Can’t wait to come out and see the lovely newborn when he or (she) arrives.