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I wasn’t kidding| Syracuse, NY newborn photographer

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

I wasn’t kidding about all of the babies being born recently. I have loved photographing some of them.

This little man was born on Easter Day.



This used to be his mom’s crib.

Guess what his parents do for a living?

Mom getting the baby to sleep.

Dad waking the baby up.


And of course the dogs had to get a sniff in.

congrats on your little man.


Twins! | Manlius, NY baby photographer

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

What joy to welcome two adorable newborn boys into your family.

They are adorable especially when they are sleeping.

And I love how this little guy just had to stick his foot out.

This image just makes me laugh.

So sweet–don’t you just want to pet them?

Now image welcoming these adorable baby boys into a family that already has adorable twin girls.

And, unable to be with us at this session another big sister and big brother, for a grand total (if you are counting) of 6 lovely children.

But, can you blame them when you look at these adorable kids.

Congrats times two!


Mo & Tyson are married!!| Syracuse, NY wedding photographer

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

What a great day it was for Mo and Tyson’s wedding. It snowed a little the night before and rain was forecast for the day, but everything was sunny and perfect. Lisa Walsh was my second shooter for the day and I can’t wait to see her perspective of the day.

Mo got ready at her parents house and I sort of stalked this spot until I got just the shot I wanted. Mo looked gorgeous even before getting on her dress–and I do love that Say Anything poster.

Mo and Tyson were marred at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Syracuse. Tyson is in the Marines so they got the cool sword arch exit.

Gotta love a man in uniform.

Mo’s bridesmaids were really fun to work with. Thanks for being an easy group.

Mo and Tyson were pretty easy to work with as well.

Mo’s beautiful flowers were done by Whistlestop florist.

Fun, silly, genuine—just the type of people I like to photograph.

It was quite a windy day and I have no idea why none of us was helping Mo in this moment. I think I heard Tyson say, “I just want to make sure you get this shot”.

I did.

Oh, and the cool car was from Melissa James where Mo got her dress.

I love what the veil is doing is this shot.

The reception was held at the Genessee Grand in Syracuse.

Mo was (is?) a basketball player and many of her old teammates were at the wedding.

The reception went strong all night.

Mo and Tyson I wish you the best of luck in Florida. Thank you so much for hiring me to photograph your wedding. To see a little more from the wedding enjoy this slideshow of some of the highlights. To view the slideshow click HERE.


Twice as nice| Baldwinsville, NY newborn photographer

Friday, April 16th, 2010

What a lucky family to have welcomed their second daughter. From someone who knows–having two girls is a real treat.

Isn’t she sweet.

I got to hang out with big sister while the baby was trying to get to sleep. This was a rare moment when she sat still for more than 2 seconds.

I think she was demonstrating some princess move here. I sure thing she looks cute.

Ahh….she is almost asleep. Love that little hand up by the ear.

Sweet sweet baby girl.

I love this one.

All snuggled up with mommy.

And, finally a little jumping on the bed.

Thanks for sharing your little girls with me–they are adorable.


Growing up kids| Fayetteville, Ny family photographer

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

This family is pretty much launched. Two of the three kids are out of the house, and one of those kids is getting married this summer. When I chatted with the mom for a bit about parenting she told me how it has all flown by and yes she uttered the phrase about cherishing every moment while they are young, because before you know it you are sitting in a quiet house.

I was thrilled that we were able to set up this session at a rare moment when all the kids were there.

They were really good sports during our session and a lot of fun to photograph.

When I took this picture the kids were all behind me and they were saying–“that is so mom and dad”.

Love this one.

The growing (grown-up) kids.

My dog portrait.

At the end of the session I was joking around about how before I got to the session I thought the youngest kid was younger than she was.  Before getting to the session I was invisioning having the older kids picking the younger kid up, putting her on their shoulder. As soon as I said this the big brother said–We can still do that. Before really asking his youngest sister if she felt comfortable up high (he is like 6’5) he put her right up there.

Thanks so much for having me out to photograph your family. I had a great time.


Newborn Season | Syracuse, NY newborn photographer

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

It it the season for newborns in Syracuse and I don’t blame parents if they try to time babies for this season. I am so happy that is is spring and adding cute babies to the mix makes it all that much better. I’ve got three newborns to photograph next week, but today let me introduce you to the lovely little newborn A.

I am going to call this a smile.

I love this. She is already so good at sucking her thumb–seriously the best newborn thumb sucker I’ve seen.

She always had one of her hands up near her face.

sweet sleepy girl.

Notice the little hand that she got out of the wrap?

This one just says “newborn” to me.

a little detail shot of her cute outie belly button.

another detail of her soft little hair.

Thanks so much for having me out to photograph your sweet little girl.


My sassy cowgirl

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Sadie told me yesterday that she wanted to wear her cowboy boots to school because she had plans to be a “sassy cowgirl” during recess. This morning she showed me how you can use a jump rope to be your lasso.

And, Echo in her almost 10 year old stance just watched and didn’t even crack a smile at her sister.


sweet spring| Syracuse, NY baby photographer

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

It seems like just yesterday that I photographed this cute newborn.

And now about 6 months later she is just as sweet and adorable.

It was a spectacular warm spring day and we took full advantage of the weather.

We walked up to the SU campus to wander around. The parents live right near campus and mom works at SU so it seemed like a perfect spot. We even found some trees starting to bloom.



after the walk the baby showed off some of her cuteness for us.

I totally love this one. I would blow it up huge.

And as I always try to do–I got a portrait of the sweet family dog. He was a little wary of me hence the look.

Thanks so much having me out again to photograph your little girl.


family| Liverpool, NY family photographer

Monday, April 5th, 2010

This was my third session with this totally wonderful family. They are always so much fun to photograph. This was one of the last pictures that I took and the kids were all snugly in the jammies.

I was greeted with this lovely smile.

The oldest little man is getting so grown up.

The littlest little man was a little unsure of me so he stayed close to his mama.

This family has a real love of art and music and I loved this mural on their dining room wall. It works in color…

or black and white.

And now for my three favorite images from the session. They all involve the little man.



3.  My very favorite  image!!

Thanks for having me out again to photograph your adorable crew.


My future dog–and an adorable baby| Syracuse, Ny baby photographer

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Okay, I’ve got a secret. I really want this dog. I’ve been thinking about wanting a dog for awhile and now I really want a dog. And now I really want a dog like this one.

Isn’t she cute? Of course my husband isn’t on board yet for the dog, so it might be awhile before you see a ton of cute dog photos from me.

As much as I think that dog is adorable–the baby was even cuter…even when he was sticking his tongue out at me.

Look at him! I mean look at how cute he is!

He isn’t walking yet, but he loved trying.

This image just makes me crack up. I was trying to use those nice white cabinets for a backdrop, but the baby was only interested in checking out the food bowls. Sometimes when things don’t go how I want I end up with an even better image.

This baby was just so smitten by his parents, smiling with every interaction, and the feeling was mutual of course.

The baby was also smitten with his toy.

Thank you so much for having me out to photograph your little man. It was so hard to narrow down the images for this blog post. I can’t wait for you to see them all.