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Linnea & Kyle are Married!!!| Syracuse, NY wedding photographer

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Congratulations to Linnea & Kyle who were married last Saturday at the Plymouth Congregational Church in Syracuse. Stephanie Antshel was working with me at this wedding and we both keep commenting to each other how much we loved the wedding, and are loving the images.

Linnea and Kyle were both in the moment for the whole day, always looking at each other and I image really having a great day.

This image was taken at the playground area of Pratt’s Falls where the reception was held.

The reception at Camp Brockway at Pratt’s Falls was full of so many amazing details.  Outdoors there were games for folks to play and music. They even had some blankets if you got cold. Inside on each table there were photographs of Linnea and Kyle on different hikes with descriptions of the hikes. Along with the usual drinks they also had Italian Soda. And, along with the cake, there was a make your own sundae bar. This was the second wedding that I worked with The Event’s Company and I must say that the two weddings we worked together were some of my very favorites.

Linnea looking ready to get married, and oh so beautiful.

Kyle was fun and relaxed the whole day–always looking happy.

This little guy sprinted down the aisle–so cute. The father of the Bride is in the background which I also love.

This was the Bride’s nephew who had a lot to do in the ceremony and he made the perfect portrait for me here–I didn’t even have to ask.

Love it.

To see a slideshow from the wedding click HERE. The music was also the same music from their first dance.

Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your wedding. Congratulations!


Before and After| Fayetteville, NY family photographer

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

A picture can change very quickly. Here is an example of two images taken right after each other. I always try to get a sibling shot at each session and when there are 4 siblings it doesn’t always happen naturally, and I have to arrange them a bit. Very rarely do these arrangement last very long.

First this…

then this….

There is a smile from that adorable baby!

And one more happy little girl.

Wow…what a beautiful girl. When I first photographed her she was in second grade and now she is at the end of fifth grade. Time sure does fly by.

The Statue of Liberty pose. He really has got the look doesn’t he?

Love the little knee with the band-aid.

And finally, a family shot on their favorite tree. This was one of my few shots where no one was swatting a mosquito off of their face. Man, did we get eaten right there.

Thanks again for having me photograph your family–it is always a pleasure.


A new sister| Fayetteville, NY newborn photographer

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I just love this family and feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to photograph their newest addition.

What a bundle of lovely kids.

The little pink blanket on top of little C was her mom’s baby blanket.

Sweet stuff.

I think this image shows the little bit of red coloring in her hair that she is showing right now.

I love her little hand in this shot.

Carrie, thanks so much for sharing your little one with me. What a beautiful family.


1 year old|Fayetteville, NY baby photographer

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

It was so much fun to play and photograph this little new walker.  He was so proud of himself while showing off his recently acquired walking skills.

Love that smile.

He also showed me his favorite book. I think the only thing I heard him say while I was there was “Max!”

Aww, he still grabs his feet.

I got to stay for lunch as well.

And finally, a little play time outside.

Thanks for sharing your little guy–he was a joy to photograph.


Monday Morning| Dewitt, NY child photographer

Monday, May 17th, 2010

I’m a little sleepy and slow to start the morning, so I thought a blog post with some energetic boys might get me going.

Look at these guys. I love this shot, especially the little grin for the youngest which was so hard to capture.

Of course, you have to work fast because the above shot turned into the below shot very quickly. Both of these images displayed together would give off the true essence of these boys.

Awww… getting some good shots with the dads.

A little comfort from mom—our session was during one of those recent crazy windy days.

A little excitement.

And, another smile from the little guy who made me work very hard to see smiles. Thanks for this!

Thanks so much for having me out to photograph your guys. I know it must have been stressful–get this–they were actually showing their house, which is for sale, while the session was going on! So, thanks.


Bring on the Babies!| Fayetteville, NY baby photographer

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I’m pretty excited that some of my wedding clients are now having babies! My first full wedding season here in NY was in 2007 and I know of one couple that has a baby and one that has one on the way. I wonder if there are any other babies out there I don’t know about–If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Isn’t his little one adorable?

She had a very lovely nursery.

Her favorite place to sleep.

Yeah, a little smile.

Sweet sleep.

I think she looked pretty stunning on red.

Congrats you two on your new baby girl.


Some Really Cool Women/Moms

Monday, May 10th, 2010

When I was in NC I got the chance to photograph some of my favorite families. I really wanted this post to go up on Mother’s Day, but I guess I was all in the lazy mother groove and it didn’t happen in time.

All pictures today. Enjoy!

Love these families!!


Cat & Tony are Married!| Syracuse, Ny wedding photographer

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Congratulations to Cat and Tony who were married on a super warm and lovely May 1st. As I look at the forecast for this weekend it is hard to believe that just last week I was wishing the weather was just a bit cooler–and I never do that.

I’ll start with one of my favorite parts of the day.

I love wandering around during the getting ready–finding the pretty details and watching all the last minute prepping .

Cat, had an amazing dress. I wish I new the lingo for this style, but since I don’t’ I’ll just call it amazing.

I swear that Cat just glowed all day–even in curlers and before makeup.

The picture in the background is a wedding picture from Cat’s parents wedding.

love this image.

Tony wasn’t too bad either.  He was even kind enough to stand near the dumpster for me to get this shot of him.

They guys were really fun to work with. I only do jumping shots if requested and if you can sell it–and these guys executed perfect. I just love how Tony totally has the most air.

The reception was at the Clubhouse at Shenendoah at Turning Stone. This was the first wedding I had photographed there and I loved all of the options for photographs–especially the stonework on the back patio.

I think one of the groomsmen was helping me get those great smiles and laughs in this image.

This was a found image–my favorite type. I had just been outside photographing the guys while the girls were cooling off inside (remember it was hot) and when I came in and saw how they were are arranged all I had to do was grab two of the bridesmaids and add them to the shot. I just love found “formal” shots.

FYI, for future couples considering an early NY wedding–the tulips were in overdrive on May 1st, 2010–what a backdrop.

The adorable twin flower girls had fun during the cocktail hour which was held outside on the patio over looking the golf course.

Cat again–so beautiful.

Once again the amazing Stephanie Antshel was there to photograph the wedding with me. To see more of our images from Cat and Tony’s wedding click HERE.

Congrats again–And Cat and Tony, I hope you are reading this from a nice warm beach somewhere as we expect snow on Sunday!


NYC Babies| Syracuse, NY baby photographer

Friday, May 7th, 2010

So, last week I headed out to NYC for the day to photograph some super adorable babies. When I got to the first stop it was still lunch time so I grabbed this portrait of the baby which which I really love.

This little guy showed off many of his skills for me. It won’t be long until he will be climbing to the top of his toy shelf.

And, he has claimed this pair of glasses for himself.

Standing tall in his crib.

He showed off his great giggle.

Are this kid’s eyes amazing or what?

I just love it that NYC is so close. What an amazing spot to grow up.

At the end of our session we met up with the other baby I was going to photograph. I just love the look he is giving her here.

Her smile got bigger the higher up she went.

This little girl only has a bit more time of being the youngest.

Oh, my gosh, I loved this spot and this little girl.

Can you see those little teeth peeking out of the smile. Sweet.

I can’t wait to go back and visit NYC again to see how these kids have grown. Thanks for having me out—and Happy Mother’s Day!


cats and chickens are fun to photograph–and kids.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

3.2.1………………….Blast Off……………………

What a fun life this little kid has. Here he was blasting off into space in his backyard spaceship.

And, here he his playing with his pet chickens. I was quite taken by them as well.

And, getting loved by his parents who were of course totally smitten with him.

When I first photographed this little guy he was a baby laying on this chair with his little legs barely reaching the edge.

Don’t you think the cat and the boy sort of have the same expression here? Love it.

Thanks for having me out to photograph your family again.