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Travel Tuesday| Chamonix, France part 1

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

I had this post all ready to go yesterday, and I forgot to post it. So, yes I know it is Wednesday, but Travel Tuesday just sounds so much better.

After leaving Lyon (see last two travel tuesday entries) we picked up a rental car to drive to the French Alp town of Chamonix.  As long as you don’t drive in Paris, we found driving in France pretty easy.  The hardest part for us was finding an automatic car to rent, so if you can drive a manual you will be just fine.

As soon as the mountains came into view I got really excited.

Chamonix was a perfect town to visit. There was lots to do, good food, and we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast that I can highly recommend, Vert et Blanc.

Our bed and breakfast was a bit outside of the main part of town, but there was a nice little trail to follow to get to all of the attractions and restaurants. It was an easy walk for us in the summer, but I’m not quite sure how it would be done in the winter–with skiis I guess. Chamonix was very much an outdoors town. I didn’t spot anyone wandering around in heels or looking like they walked off a runway. Shorts, hiking boots and hats were the norm. Many times while we were there I thought that it would be a fun town to take my kids to.

I tried my first macaron in Chamonix, and I loved it. This became my favorite store.


More eating in Chamonix. I didn’t quite get around to taking a picture of my dessert–just the empty plate. 🙂

I wonder why this green beer isn’t served more over here.

This was the view from many of the restaurants.

You could also spot a lot of the mountain rescue dogs, the St. Bernard, in town. They were popular as well with tourists that wanted photos of them.

After eating we would walk back to our b&b to this view from the porch.

Next week, I’ll share some photos of when we went to the little building you can barely see on that top of that mountain.


The D Family| Syracuse, NY family photographer

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

This session was done at the start of our heat wave.

Everyone held up well and as always it was so much fun to get a chance to photograph older siblings.

These girls are spaced about the same as my own so I got a little glimpse of what my life will look like in three years.

Thanks so much.



newborn girl sweetness| Syracuse, NY newborn photographer

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Just a little newborn sweetness to make you swoon. Isn’t she adorable?


14 years| Travel Tuesday, France

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Today is my 14 year wedding anniversary. Thinking back, my wedding was a pretty much a perfect day, but if I had it to do over I might just hire a photographer. We were pretty budget, and I had just graduated from getting my degree in photography, so I guess I looked down on professional wedding photographers. Ahhhhh……the irony. Anyway, everything else was perfect, even the heat and the fact that we ran out of food because people stuck around for so long.

Since I am still filtering through my France photos, and it is going slowly since I am smack dab in the middle of wedding season,  I will just share a few funny outtakes and some point and shoot snaps from our trip to France of the two of us for today’s travel post.

Hiking in the French Alps.

quick snaps–gotta do it.

still playing for the camera.

In the Louvre, where you can take photos of anything.

At a fancy wine tasting. 🙂

Maybe next year for my 15th wedding anniversary I will get some scans of some of the actual photos from my wedding day.

Cheers, off to share a toast with my husband.



Sweet morning| Syracuse, NY family photographer

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I spent a sweet morning photographing this lovely family. The last time I had seen the mom and the dad was when I photographed their wedding.

It is so much fun to get to photograph the babies of the couples whom I have photographed their wedding.

I think this little guy was working on some teeth.

He was also just crazy happy.

smile, smile, smile, smile

I like this hold.

more smiles.

Thank you thank you thank you for asking me photograph your little guy.


Travel Tuesday| Lyon, France

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

I am back!! Still treading water trying to keep up, but the next few episodes of Travel Tuesday will take place in France for sure.

I started off my journey in Lyon, France. It probably would not have been my first choice to visit, but after spending just one day there I would very much like to go back. I started my journey there because my husband was attending a conference there. It was a big city for sure, but not nearly as crowded or crazy or expensive as France. A great place to hang out and eat fabulous meals.

This was the view from my bathroom and looking down at the rental bikes. The rental bikes were all over in France, but in most places I found it too crowded to even attempt to ride them. In Lyon in might have worked.

Wandering around the downtown, checking out the little farmers market.

My first meal in France.

Love this shot, and loved checking out the little window stories.

wine shop.

salad lyonnaise (I can’t believe this was a first course). Also, love eating outside where the view isn’t just a parking lot.

Wandering around the street at night–they do bridges well in France.

I’ll be back next Tuesday for sure.


On the farm| Cazenovia, NY family photographer

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

What a lovely fun family. So glad I got to visit and wander around their “farm”.

I love a good barn shot. 😉


The transition happens so fast…

Notice the tickle hand?

Love the braids.

Lots of animals to pet and love.

Thanks so much for having me out.


Brittany & Dave are married!!!| Syracuse, NY wedding photographer

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Brittany and Dave were married a few weeks ago with and outdoor ceremony at the Lafayette Hills Golf and Country Club.

Don’t ya love those shoes?

A few getting ready details.

Getting ready.

It was getting so hot inside that it was decided that the everyone had to move to the screened in garage for the dress. loved it.

The bagpipes were great.

Thanks to my great second shooter for the day, Tara Christine,who got these two shots.


The girls.


Party time.

Brittany rocked a song with the band.

Thanks you two for having me photograph your wedding.