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Julia and Matt are Married!!| Syracuse, NY wedding photographer

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Congrats to Julia and Matt who were married last month! When I first met them I was struck by how attractive they both were–I mean these two look like they could be on the cover of a magazine. What made me want to photograph their wedding was how down to earth and nice they both were. Photographing their engagement session sealed the deal and when their wedding day came, I was excited to document all the moments for these two.

They day started windy and rainy–I packed all of my umbrellas.

The girls got their hair and make-up done and Miracles in Fayetteville and they did an amazing job.

I’m pretty sure Julia doesn’t need make-up, but still. Amazing.

Julia got ready at her mom’s house, in her old bedroom.

Meanwhile my amazing second shooter Tara was hanging out with the guys.

Dress time.

This was the car that brought Julia to the ceremony.

Tara got this shot of Julia heading up to the ceremony–she had to essentially walk under a tunnel to get there.

Love these. Julia’s dad officiated.


Notice Matt messing with his new ring. I get a shot like this at every wedding.

Off to the reception at the Links at Traditions. 


I had to stop for this little fox before I could park my car.

As you can see,  by the evening the weather had cleared. What a great bridal party.

The man waiting to tee off offered to let the groom take a shot.

Love how Julia is saying thanks here.

Some really fun introductions at the reception.

I love the look on Julia’s face here.

Thanks again for choosing me to document your wedding.



Let’s talk about breast cancer| Syracuse, NY portrait photographer

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

So, if you are a fan on my facebook fan page you might have already seen that I have been a bit busier than normal this summer documenting my friends battle with breast cancer.

This spring my friend Annmarie told me that she found a lump in her breast. It was nothing–I mean the lump hurt and breast cancer lumps are not supposed to hurt, right? Every time she was told not to worry, the tests came back with lots to worry about. Finally, she was told that it was breast cancer. Not knowing what to do to help, I did what I always do—offered to take some photos. I wasn’t really sure what photos she might want–boudoir? family session? to document the whole thing?

I told her that I would photograph as much as I could of her doctor appointments and surgery. I told her it was her choice what she did with the photos or even if she wanted to look at them.

You may remember hearing me talk about Annmarie before on the blog. She has a huge Race for the Cure team, and two years ago I did a fundraiser to help this team–and you all really came through during my best friend portrait sessions. Look back here to remember.

I have taken many photographs of Annmarie’s family since I met her. Some photos were during actual portrait sessions.

Most photos were taken at parties, or backyard dinners. Casual, fun photographs. Photographs that are easy to share and easy to show off.

Soon after showing Annmarie the photos I took of her lumpectomy, she started blogging about her experience with breast cancer. She calls her blog Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer.

She decided to take her most personal feelings and very intimate photographs (the ones I thought she might never want to look at) and she is showing them off and in the process reaching out to others who have cancer, and helping to raise money to spread awareness and to find a cure.

She is talking about the scariest times.

She is being herself.

She is educating my girls–and also showing them how to handle a crisis.

Here she is letting Echo try on one of her many battle shoes–the ones she wears to important surgeries. I might add that this photo was taken just days after her double mastectomy surgery.

Annmarie is in the process of her reconstruction now, and while we mostly see her with a smile on her face, the wounds that breast cancer make on a person’s body and soul, the toll it takes on her family, are often inconceivable to someone (like me) who hasn’t been through it.

Part of the way Annmarie is coping is with her blog. I encourage you all to please check it out and pass it on. It helps to understand what she is going through, and it reminds you to keep your doctor appointments, and to schedule those mammograms!

And, I would like to personally invite you all to come and meet Annmarie and support her cause at a fundraiser we are having in Fayetteville, NY at Pascale’s Restaurant on October 21st from 4-7pm. For more information please visit her blog at:

And finally—hear Annmarie talk about her journey in her own words on a recent television interview.

If you have any questions about how to get tickets to the event–email me, facebook me, comment here. I would love to see a lot of you there.






Jackie & John are married!!| Syracuse, NY wedding photographer

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Jackie and John were married in Skaneateles during the antique boat show weekend (more on that later).

We started out at Jackie’s parents house.

I love the photo of Jackie’s dad getting a little bit of reading in while Jackie was in full prep mode.

It was decided at the last minute that the bouquets needed some trimming, so Jackie’s dad got right to work.

Ceremony time.

We did a few photos in downtown Skaneateles before heading to The Lodge for the reception. These two were so cute–and you know how I love the laughing shots.

I loved how open the boat owners were about letting John and Jackie get a few photos taken on their antique boats.

Loved the plant place settings.

You don’t know how hard it was to proof these cake pictures with absolutely nothing sweet in the house. I searched the kitchen over 2x because of  how hungry I got looking at them.

Jackie and John had buses to bring the guests from their hotels and a signiture drink that looked fantastic.

LOVE this shot.

I love getting individual pictures of the guests during the toasts.

AND, I do love the dance photos.

Congrats again–thanks so much for picking me to document your wedding day.