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At this time last year Amy and I were sending lots of email messages to each other trying to perfect her holiday card–figuring out the right images from her session, the right shade of red and what font would look best.  I had just photographed her adorable family and I think the card we put together turned out really cute. After our session Amy kept in touch from time to time commenting on my blog which I very much enjoyed.

Then one day last Feb. I got an email from Amy that turned out to be a mass email from her husband letting everyone in Amy’s email account know that she was about to undergo brain surgery after a bad weekend headache turned into an ER visit which led to the MRI and the diagnosis.

Since her diagnosis Amy has been keeping a Caring Bridge Journal to document her experience going through treatment for brain cancer. I only know Amy as her photographer last Fall, but she has allowed me to get to know her better through her journal.  From our first session I learned that Amy was a very fun, sweet, and organized person. What I have learned from Amy’s journal is that she is a very determined, giving, and loving person–and she still makes sure that no detail goes unnoticed. She is always making sure to thank those who have helped her out and even thanking me once or twice for small emails despite her tiredness from treatment.

I was so happy to offer a little session to Amy recently. It was a lovely day and we tried to capture a few of the everyday joys she makes a point to enjoy.

Amy described the hugs that have been so important to her these past months, and this was a special sign that she found while on one of her hospital trips.


I love these soulful gazes that her son gives–I got a few of these looks at his baby session last year as well.


To help her son during the many overnight’s that Amy is away he sleeps with a part of her pillowcase. I’m sure it comforts him, but I bet Amy enjoys knowing that he is snuggling with it while she can’t be there.


A little playtime.


He can be silly too. What a sweetie.


This is just one of those in-between moments. Amy and her mom where getting Jack ready for going outside, but I love the joy they are getting from this little everyday moment.



another simple joy.


I’ll end this post with an image of my “team amy” bracelet. Amy really does have a team with her. The last time I looked Amy’s journal had over 20,000 visits–her family, her friends, co-workers, people she has know for many years, and people she has only recently met. I’m one of the recently met, but I am amazed as ever with her courage and energy. I don’t often encourage comments on my blog, but I know Amy enjoys them. SO, if you stop in and read about her leave her a little comment–I’m sure she will enjoy it.


Thank you Amy.


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  1. Jen Says:

    Amy’s little boy’s eyes are as beautiful as her smile is. These pictures make you want to just reach out and hug them all!

  2. Kim Goode Says:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful story to go with it. The pictures capture the love and the beauty…So happy Amy and her family were able to get such great photos!

  3. Pam Boyer Says:

    Genevieve ~

    I absolutely loved the photos of Jack/Amy and Kathy. I have been a family friend ever since Amy was born, so it means so much to see her so happy and Jack the adorable little guy he is. Thanks so much for capturing his very essence. I cannot wait to see all of the photos.

  4. Brenda Rosado Says:


    Your work is amazing. I have spoken to you on the phone before. Amy was my matron of honor in my wedding (we have been best friends since birth), and as you can imagine, she was the BEST matron of honor anyone could ask for. I had called you to get her a gift certificate for some of Jack’s first professional photos. She always spoke so highly of your work and now I know why. Thank you for making my friend so happy and also for making this post so special.

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