Winter Chills| Syracuse, NY family photographer

Chills, I’ve got them. My space heater has been working on overtime and it takes a lot to force me outside these days, but I do try. I love the stark clean look that snow gives everything so I try to bring my camera out as much as I can. I do wish there was a trick to keeping my hands working during these outdoor sessions. After about 10 minutes I start to lose feeling in my fingers and well, my ability to control my camera really diminishes.

We swore when we moved from North Carolina to New York that we would learn some winter activities. So far I enjoy snow shoeing, and I’m trying to get the hang of cross country skiing. I’ve learned that I will never be a down hill skier–I’m too scared of going fast.

These were taken at Beaver Lake Nature Center during a recent snow shoeing outing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, tomorrow I will get the slideshow from Adam and Jillian’s super lovely winter wedding on my blog. Oh, how I wish we could have stayed out in the snow for longer to take portraits. It was so beautiful–but as this image so perfectly illustrates thanks to Adam’s expression–It was freeze your nose off cold out there!

Stay warm!


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