Kauai-Napali Coast Trail| photo travel journal

One of the most famous hikes in Hawaii is the Napali Coast hike on Kauai. We told the kids they had to do the hike with us, but we let my mom off the hook and she went on a Hollywood movie set tour. We bribed the kids with nuts from the Hanalei Nut Roasters ( I liked the mango honey berry almonds and the Pinapple Li Hing almonds)–which really is the place to stock up on yummy before hitting the trail.

We got an early start and had the first part of the trail to ourselves.


We were warned.


Right from the start it was a very rocky walk on wet slippery rocks.


Once you got up a little bit the views were as good as advertised.


As you are hiking you will occasionally see a boat doing a coastal tour and a helicopter doing the sky tour, but for the most part you just gawked at some of the most amazing coastline views ever. storyboard003



At about the halfway point of the trail you can get down to this beach. I saw one person swimming, but the signs pretty much scared the kids enough that they didn’t even want to put their feet in the water.


After the beach the hike continues to Hanakapi’ai Falls. I think it was only about 2 miles, but it took forever due to a very muddy trail. I put my camera away for most of this part of the hike because I was just trying to stay upright.

The waterfall was pretty, but I’m not sure I would do it again if the trail was as muddy as we experienced. I lost my shoes a few times in the mud.


Sadie wasn’t thrilled with the mud.


The walk back from the waterfall was even muddier as the rain started. All in all the hike took us about 7 hours, and then it took another 30 minutes to rinse off the mud before getting in the car.


Next up–more Hawaii rainbows.


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  1. Cathy Teater Says:

    Sympathies to Sadie but the mud photos are too funny for words.

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