My mom

This blog post goes out to all of the single mom’s out there–especially mine.

Last month I was driving somewhere in my car and I started to write this blog post in my head. My mom popped into my mind and since I’m an awful child who never does anything for Mother’s Day I started thinking that I was going to write an amazing blog post for my mom. The post I wrote in my head while driving was amazing. I admit I was crying by the end of it, and I was so excited because I had a whole month to craft my blog, scan old photos and just create something that really would show my mom just how amazing I think she is.

And well last Monday I still thought I had a whole 6 days to get the post together, and now it is just 2.5 hours until Mother’s Day, and I am just hoping I can say a few words, other than sorry mom.

My mom is super smart. I remember as a kid being really proud to watch her play trivial pursuit at family gatherings, or to listen to her debate friends and family about politics. Later in life I learned to use her smarts to my advantage as an editor on all of my papers. She just couldn’t help herself. Actually I wish I wasn’t as good as tricking her into cleaning up all of my papers, because maybe the blog writing would come easier to me.

Writing is what my mom has always done well. She was a reporter for most of my life, but she also dabbled in some romance writing, jingles, personal ads, and she even wrote a book about one of my teddy bears called, “Suitable, a bear for all ages”.

There are certain things and moments that stand out when I think of my mom.

There is the super smart thing that I already mentioned. And I want to mention a million other things, little stories that are the things that pop into my mind when I think of how hard it must have been for her to try to stay afloat financially, times when she pushed me and times when she surprised me.

But really–the best, best thing about my mom is that she has never once made me feel guilty for not doing anything special for Mother’s Day. I know that she will wake up tomorrow and even if I don’t post this post, she will still love me–and I’m pretty sure she won’t be disappointed.

She doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She doesn’t need a card to know I love her.

Thanks for that mom. I love you.

And, some photos of mom.











So this photo is of me and not my mom, but I am still amazed that she made me Halloween costumes. My mother was never known for any domestic arts, but somehow she can make Halloween costumes and knit socks while working more than full time. I think meals and laundry might have suffered a little, but still…IMG_4988



And, as I finish this poorly done blog post that never lived up to the one I had written in my mind I will climb into bed and continue reading the new novel my mom just finished. I am so proud of her.


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  1. Karen Dunn Says:

    Awesome blog! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom!

  2. Mary Jane Fridley Says:

    Gen, I love your post to your mom! The photos are great, I especially like seeing the two of you together over the years! This was a wonderful thing to do, no apologies needed (and I’m sure your mom loves it)!

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