This is where I get to tell you all about me–with just enough information so that you will still want to hire me, although maybe the photographs have already made that decision for you!

I was born in Nebraska–so I must be pretty normal.

I actually have a degree in photography from Bennington College where I spent all of my time doing very old school documentary projects and using old camera’s like a 4×5 view camera and a super old film Canon 35mm. I have since had to learn digital, and Photoshop which has made all of my totally rad darkroom skills obsolete. I don’t mind not smelling like the chemicals anymore.


I have two totally adorable kids which may pop up on this blog from time to time.


I am always considering a haircut. I like British comedy (but only since living in England.) I am a horrible speller so please overlook my errors. My husband wore shorts to our wedding and sang a Stevie Wonder song.

And for a bit of useful information. I am a family and wedding photographer. All of my family sessions are held on-location (meaning I come to you). Usually this means the session takes place at your house, but sometimes it means we go to a park or other fun location. I have just recently taken on weddings and will be photographing 12 this summer and fall. For lots more information (including a more formal “about me” section) visit my website at: www.genphotos.com